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If you wish to donate a book or Archery related DVD or wish to borrow a book from those listed below then please contact Geoff Barker.


Modern Archery - Frank L. Bilson
First Edition 1949

Archery - Howard Wiseman and Fred Brundle
First Edition 1961

Teach Yourself Archery - M.E. Richardson
First Edition 1961

The three above are for those who are interested in the history of archery. They give some idea of the traditions and oddities of archery.

The Traditional Archers Handbook - Hilary Greenland
Making bows, arrows and much more

Doctor Your Own Compound Bow
American Printed 1983

Operation and Care Of Browning Compound Bows

Tuning Your Compound Bow - Larry Wise

The Compound Bow From The Beginning - Ken Duff

Videos and/or DVDs [please ask about format]

The Basic Bow Mechanicss - Larry Wise

The Way To The Centre
High speed film of arrows at the loose

Archery: The Basics

Archery: Its History and Forms - Mike Loades

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